What’s your passion?

Source: Oprah.com

Source: Oprah.com

Last week I attended the launch of Genesis: UJA’s Centre for Social Innovation, which helps build the capacity of innovative non-profits in the Jewish community through mentorship and other opportunities.  The event featured guest speaker Paul Alofs, CEO of the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and author of the book Passion Capital: The World’s Most Valuable Asset.

Alofs spoke about the “seven building blocks of Passion Capital” he outlines in his book: the power of belief; culture; courage; brand; resources; strategy; and persistence.  He asked us: what could you see yourself doing 24/7 and not notice the time go by?

His message immediately reminded me of what my former life/career coach Heather Joy Skelton, who tragically passed away from cancer in 2005, used to say:  “You need to get very very clear about what you want.  Too many people get stuck in the how.  Don’t worry about the how.  The universe responds to clarity.”

I’m not sure how much faith Alofs would put into a responsive universe, but this philosophy has guided my professional and personal life for many years.  Working as a marketing communications and project management consultant, I feel very privileged to help organizations get clarity on who they are, what their vision is, and provide a roadmap for getting there.  It’s indeed a labour of love and one that I could work at 24/7 and not notice the time go by.